The main components of internal combustion

The main components of internal combustion

Today, I will talk about the main components of the internal combustion engine. It is previous post important parts of the internal combustion engine. Those who did not read the previous post, then read the previous post as well.

  1. Crankcase

The main part of the engine with which the cylinder is connected and ‍a crankshaft and crankshaft bearing it’s is called crankcase. Crankcase works as a lubrication system. It is also called oil sump and placed works to lubrication all the oils.


  1. Valve

Valves are used to control the engine’s internal combustion entrance and drainage. How much an engine valve will depend on the engine cylinder. It is used for mixing fuel and air and another valve is used for expelling the burning gas out. Valves are fitted on the cylinder head, by strong spring. Two valves serve as gateways.

Engine Valve

  1. Spark plug

fuel injectors

The spark plug is used in a spark-ignition engine. The spark plug is fitted on the cylinder head. The spark plug build of a metal shell having two electrodes which are separated from each other with an air gap. When high potent current supply to the spark plug, then it jumping from the supply electrode and produces the spark.

11. Injector

The injector is usually used for compression ignition engine. when the compression strokes end. Then the injector sprays the fuel into the combustion chamber. The injector is fitted on the cylinder head. It acts as the main part of the engine’s internal combustion.

fuel injectors

  1. Manifold

The main work of manifold is to supply the air-fuel mixture. Then collects the exhaust gases from all cylinder. Then collects the exhaust gases from all cylinder. There are two manifold parts of the internal combustion engine. One is to use for intake and exhaust the other. The manifold is made by multiple aluminum. It acts as the main part of the engine’s internal combustion.

  1. Camshaft

Cam shaft

A camshaft is used to control the opening and closing of valves at proper timing for IC Engine. It is part of the piston. The camshaft is a part of the engine that inserts the mixture of fuel and air into the cylinder and leaving it drainage gas. Since it is a process that is repeated every few thousand times per second, it is important to have a good camshaft. Camshafts have different configurations and they are slightly different in each job. As well as standard Camshaft, which is below the engine, there are overhead camshafts and dual overhead camshafts.



14. Piston pin:

Gudgeon pin or piston pin is used to connect the piston to the connecting rod. It is a very difficult job to do design. Piston is kept to the right size. Because It works in more temperature, so be sure to fit properly. So that the piston can travel inside the cylinder. Therefore, to overcome these problems, mechanical components are available by utilizing more labor force.

  1. Flywheel

engine flywheels

This is the main functional part of the engine. Which is connected to the Crankshaft of the engine? The energy produced by the engine comes in the flywheel by Crankshaft. As a result, during the stroke, the flywheels rotate and the engine is replaced energy to shafts by flywheels. That is to say, chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy.


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